‘From Dust, We Come’ exhibiting soon in the showroom of EL PRAN Projecten

(ORANJESTAD – December 12, 2020) EL PRAN Projecten presents ‘From Dust, We Come’ ( Del Polvo Somos) an exhibition based on the curatorial research Curaduria Malandra by the artist and mediator Nelson González.

It is an exhibition that presents social media elements as a form of administration, documentation, and education on the marginal frameworks and stigmatization in the Caribbean. Proposing an analogy about scenery, time, and spectator, wherein it proposes two different scenes in the course of a century, and in which parallelism occurs between the works and lives of Josephine Baker and Cristina González, a virtual TikToker from the Dominican Republic. Both of them constitute the aesthetics of the new world; all the exoticism stigmatized in the Caribbean. 

This exhibition has a duration of three months. It is a work in progress wherein the curator Nelson González will present different TikTokers, videos, and audios that became viral; that mark the Caribbean aesthetics as comedy worldwide.

From Dust, We Come is an exhibition in a virtual form, appropriating social media as support. Meanwhile, it tries to study and create reflections about the anthropological, social, and cultural aspects that mark the Caribbean region. This exhibition also poses a rhetorical example of otherness and the Eastern appraisal of the Caribbean and its aesthetic.

Opening. Dec. 31, 2020, At 12:AM
Until 31 March 2021.

From Dust,
We Come

Curator: Nelson González
Production: Zurishaddai Tremus
Source: Tik Tok and Film Struck

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