Everything comes from something. Something can also come out of everything. Trial and error. Experiences. Occurrences. Moments of fear and terror. 

“Everything leads to something,”is a superstition or a theory? The answer is ‘TEST+ING.’


Everything is ruled by balance. Where there is luck, there is also misfortune. 

I wish to know how many lucky sevens it takes to balance out the deathly fours. Do we add, subtract, divide or multiply? The answer is ‘LUCK/UNLUCK+ING.’ 


Truth, Belief, Theories, Hypothesis, Superstition. We are fed these even before our birth. Do they make us or do we make them? 

Inherited from our forefathers, our parents or our culture. Are these laws to live by or simple guidelines? The answer is ‘SUPERSTITION+ING.’


Nothing we know or have at this moment is entirely new. We are evolving, improving, reimagining, redoing.

Rules, laws, guidelines, superstitions. Slightly adjusted with times, but remained the same at their core. To warn, protect, make lives better. How are they given a new form, being repurposed in these times? The answer is ‘PALIMPSEST+ING.’

One or two, either way, we can do a lot.
Contained, limited, standing every day in the same window.
Window. Open, close, out of my control.
Some days I don’t even know if the sun is rising or setting. 

I am inside a prison, with or without lights on. 
Prison without a guard, without bars.
Either way, I am locked.
Locked, I am stuck.

Stick stuck, sticky plant.
I wish I could also roll down the streets freely.
Rolling, rolling… circle, round, bullet.
I am as dangerous, I am also able to kill.
Murdered, murderer… possibilities. 

One or two, either way, we can do a lot.
Contained, limited, either way we can rebel.
Big or small, darker than a moonless night hiding inside a cave, or brightly shining like when the sun shines on a diamond or gold.
Through it all, possibility to impact.

Look, watch, discover, transmit, affect. Watch everything that passes me by.
Look deeper at what they contain. Discover there is more than I desire.
Transmit a signal that turns out to be so powerful, that it affects you without your knowledge.

One or two, either way, we can do a lot.



Zurishaddai Tremus, also known as ShaddaiiT, is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist based in Willemstad, Curaçao. As a native of this Caribbean island, her pieces pay homage to her ancestry, homeland, and self-identity. Her peculiar personal style conveys the vivid spirit and atmosphere of the Curaçaoan culture.

For over ten years, she has been developing her artistic thinking and practicing art. Her goal is to unify her former education in the linguistic field with art. Her practice translates into expanding her insight into digital media, traditional art forms (painting, drawing, photography), and oral and written expressions

She brings her works to life with bold and harmonious colors, mainly portraying a mix of nature and the human body. Her works often explore themes of personal significance, narrating the stories she wants to share with the world. She loves to work with primarily acrylic and watercolor paints, graphite pencils, inks, alcohol markers, and digital media.

Recently she took part in the local residency program at UNIARTE to further develop her career as an artist. Hereafter she took part in the Dekada, exhibiting her latest series ‘Sami’. A series she gave birth to during her Residency at Uniarte.

Curator: Nelson Gonzalez & Gerardo Zavarce
Production: Zurishaddai Tremus

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