Welcome. This is EL PRAN Projecten. An art incubator that produces and presents curatorial accompaniments, exhibitions, publications, programs and projects on Aruba, the greater Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.


It is made up of a group of emerging artists who live and work in Aruba and a curatorial selection of local and international artists already in circulation.


EL PRAN projecten from Aruba, manages the interchange of cooperation in the field of artistic thought and its production. Several curators and contemporary art specialists from multiple countries in the region cooperate with us, thus, shortening the distance, weaving networks and reveal the symbolic values that unite us.


I invite you to explore our platform, and get closer to discovering more about the conceptual frameworks of Curaduria Malandra.


Thanks to Giro Bank Loterij in the Netherlands for supporting this research.

I am Nelson Gonzalez Founder of El PRAN Projecten.