EL PRAN Projecten is honored to present the artistic production of one of the most powerful voices of Latin American performance.

Natusha participated in the following exhibitions and residencies; Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago at MOLAA …

Erika Ordosgoitti (Caracas, 1980). Performance artist, audiovisual artist and poet. She has a degree in Fine Arts Mixed Media Mention from Armando Reveron Higher Education School of Fine Arts in Caracas.

His work is the hybrid of many completely isolated things. A series of pen drawings on recycled paper, some video performance, electronic instrumental music, and some half funky-rap songs…

‘PALIMPSEST + ING’ presents us with a methodological system of artistic production. The essence of this work is in the documentation of processes that become visible in the final results….

PÁJARO by Franz Caba appropriates the pejorative to designate homosexual people in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean islands…

EL PRAN Projecten will open a unique virtual exhibition featuring our special guest Armando Ruiz, Colombia / Venezuela.

EL PRAN Project will open this March 31 at 12:01 PM, a unique virtual exhibition featuring the artist Nash Caldera, Curacao / NL.

EL PRAN Projecten will open a virtual exhibition featuring the artist Glenda Heyliger from Aruba. 

Memories From Napoles presents the project Cocola by the Artist Hernan Pruden. Project Cocola will be released on Instagram TV