We are pleased to present  the following artists for the second edition of our showrooms:
-Glenda Heyliger from Aruba;
-Nash Caldera from Curacao (based in the Netherlands);
-and Armando Ruiz from Colombia/Venezuela. 

EL PRAN Projecten presents ‘From Dust, We Come’ ( Del Polvo Somos) an exhibition based on the curatorial research Curaduria Malandra by the artist and mediator Nelson González.

Under the curatorship of Santiago Rueda and Harold Ortiz, EL PRAN Projecten presents Memories from Nápoles.

EL PRAN Projecten will open a unique virtual exhibition featuring Cuban artist Ricardo Miguel Hernández on Deceber 31, on view till March 31, 2021.

One other ongoing project for the transdisciplinary artist and curator Nelson González is Nelson González Three Corner Table.