Before the pandemic originated in 2020, we did not recognize “in the virtual” the power and totality of accessing, communicating, and documenting creative and artistic processes.

The established places of consecration, such as large museums, were marginalized in the face of such a phenomenon; they closed their doors. Content accessibility was the same between EL PRAN and El Prado.

The main difference between these two is that we can create as many rooms as we want; you don’t have to leave your home, plus you can have direct contact with the artist or curator who shows what he wants in these virtual rooms.

Our virtual exhibition room is as unlimited as the virtual spaces and media allow.

Cuando el Recuerdo Se Convierte en
Polvo II


Ricardo Miguel Hernández | Cuando El Recuerdo Se Convierte En Polvo II​

Memories from Nápoles


Santiago Rueda y Harold Ortiz | Memories from Nápoles

From Dust,
We Come


Nelson González | From Dust, We Come