Zurishaddai Tremus

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Zurishaddai Tremus, also known as ShaddaiiT, is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist based in Willemstad, Curaçao. As a native of this Caribbean island, her pieces pay homage to her ancestry, homeland, and self-identity. Her peculiar personal style conveys the vivid spirit and atmosphere of the Curaçaoan culture.

For over ten years, she has been developing her artistic thinking and practicing art. Her goal is to unify her former education in the linguistic field with art. Her practice translates into expanding her insight into digital media, traditional art forms (painting, drawing, photography), and oral and written expressions

She brings her works to life with bold and harmonious colors, mainly portraying a mix of nature and the human body. Her works often explore themes of personal significance, narrating the stories she wants to share with the world. She loves to work with primarily acrylic and watercolor paints, graphite pencils, inks, alcohol markers, and digital media.

Recently she took part in the local residency program at UNIARTE to further develop her career as an artist. Hereafter she took part in the Dekada, exhibiting her latest series ‘Sami’. A series she gave birth to during her Residency at Uniarte.

My work tells my personal stories through visuals. My pieces portray the 'in between.' In between spaces, worlds, identities, ideologies, beliefs, races, cultures; where nothing is real, yet everything is. Just like poetry I speak through my pieces and let them speak for themselves.

2020 - present
Independent Multidisciplinary artist
2020 - present
Owner, Geneza Multimedia
2020 - present
Co-founder and designer, EL PRAN Projecten. 


B.Ed in Dutch with minors in Film Studies, Journalism, Youth & Language Culture. 

University of Curacao. 


2020 Group exhibition, Dékada, UNIARTE  


2020 Local residency, UNIARTE, Willemstad CW


2020 Collaboration with Aruban artist Nelson Gonzalez as text editor and production assistant in the framework of his projects Botanica Caribe, Archivo 2020, Curaduria Malandra. 

2020 Collaboration with artist Najendra “Nash”Caldera as a creative assistant during her residency at UNIARTE and realization of her final exhibition “Hopi Pretu’. 

2020 Collaboration with artist Najendra “Nash” Caldera as a videographer in production of her virtual performance ‘Distansia Distansiá’.

2011 Collaboration with artists Ailsa Anastatia and Najendra “Nash” Caldera, photo documentation, Open atelier route 2011, Willemstad, Curaçao.


Over 20 pieces in private collections in Curacao, Costa Rica (San Jose), Netherlands (Breda & Uden), Canada (Toronto ON), United Kingdom (Manchester), and the United States of America (Los Angeles CA, Brooklyn NY, San Antonio TX, Crofton MD, Philadelphia PA, Fairfield CA, Fresno CA, Oakland CA, Fort Hunter NY, Newark DE, Greenville SC)

Selected Commissions

2020 Un3xp3ct3d, branding package, Willemstad CW

2019 Private art commission, family portrait painting, 110x80cm, Willemstad CW

2019 Private commission, Snapchat filter design, Willemstad CW

2018 Private commission, portrait drawings, Willemstad CW

2019 Sinceramente Candy - Chantal Antonia (filmmaker), storyboard, Willemstad CW

2015 Imperial Beauty Supply, product design, Los Angeles CA

2015 CSB Ministries, branding package, Ottowa ON