Paula Nupieri Domacassé

Born in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina; on the 16th of July, 1975.
In an early age she started her formation in diverse artistic disciplines; plastics arts, dance, acting, musical comedy among others; and fell in love with art in all its forms.

After several years of living in the city, she moved with her family to a farm, giving her a close contact with nature and thus a new perspective. Still living in a town, with long hours of travel, she continued her education in the artistic field. She participated in theater plays, short films and performances, as well as hosting an informative T.V. program.

Upon leaving her native Argentina, she lived for a few years in Curacao, and then she settled in Aruba over 10 years ago.

When she discovered the paper cutting technique some years ago she was immediately attracted to it and started to experiment with it. After mastering this beautiful and ancient art form she incorporated this particular technique to her repertoire.

More recently she participated in several art fairs and solo expositions in Aruba and Miami, with her unique paper cutting art.

To me, art is a way of self exploration and introspection, an inner search to connect with the
outside world. Making art is an act of rebellion, a non- path travel without rules where you can go breaking
structures and create and recreate, construct and reconstruct...A way to understand this reality
with ideals shifting all around. It implies that kind of freedom where mess and contradiction start to fit and to make sense.

I think each play or art work takes a new meaning for every viewer, crystallizing the artist point
of view with the believing and experiences of the spectators, and turning itself in a living
collective creation.

I find inspiration in the nature: animals, landscape, flora, but also in the forces of nature and its
changes. Cultural diversity and diverse languages from the places I’ve lived in for sure had influenced me
and my work. Also I find inspiration in other disciplines of art, and in “muses” that other artist have as well as
the act of creation itself. Sometimes, just let “them” go out, without explanation, with no more reason, is the way to go on.

Paula Nupieri Domacasse

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1975 – Resident of Aruba since 2010.

Completed Studies
1981-1986: IMEPA: Music, plastic arts, corporal expression, puppets, photography.
1981-1987: Instituto Ayos: Ballet.
1983-1984: Syuen:artistic gymnastics.
1991-1992: Jorge Ozz: Guitar.
Drawing and singing courses.
1993-1995:Instituto Rio Plateado-Dir Hugo Midon: Musical comedy. Acting, movement,
choreography and singing.
1996-1997: Voice-over workshop.
Various painting and plastic arts workshops.
1998: Escuela profesional de Cinematografía- Dir. Eliseo Subiela: Acting and directing
workshop for film and tv.
1999: El excéntrico de la calle 18-Dir Cristina Banegas: Acting
2000-2001:Escuela de teatro La Plata. Acting, movement, voice training and puppets.
2016: Cueba: Theater Acting course
2016: Lorraine Evans-Pencil portrait workshop-Lorrain Evans

Self taught:
2016: Papercutting

Presentaciones y exposiciones:
1995-1998: Cnel Brandsen Theater Group
Performance in various theatre plays for children and adults.
Provincial theater competition, Chascomús
1999-2000:Teacher in theatrical initiation workshop for adolescents.
1999:Centro cultural Ricardo Rojas: Curare. Acting.
Host in TV program.
2017- 2019:
Art fair Aruba
Jazz festival
Solo exposition Artisa
Artboxproject Miami