Showroom | Aruba/ Saba


by Nanocratic Artist Glenda Heyliger

Manifesto Dutch Caribbean Artist
“Life between chaos and order”

Me, my Father, and I

My mother made me
My father constructed me
My grandfather guided me

My father………….happy
My father………….silent.
My father………….sad and angry.

My father loved me
My father built me
My father…. caged me
My grandfather guided me

I with my memories
I with my guidance
I with my weapons
I with my tools

Built love and respect
In chaos and order
Construct my life and myself
Through ART.

Video HD. Color. Duration: 01:02
Aruba 2021

Manifesto Nanocratics
"A personal problem is a global problem. A global problem is a personal problem"

Video HD color. Duration: 10:04
Aruba 2021

As my father once said
“Please do not make me pass shame’

I am an immigrant, I came to this island to give you a better life and a better future..


My childhood
Under severe controlled Dutch Roman Catholic spies and agents,abusive and misusive, dressed in crisp white costumed ball like outfits, heated stamped Brothers and Nuns.

Inverted in our education and religion, the invasive..perverted  fear in the child and childhood at school and at home.

No rights of culture
No rights of freedom
No rights of speech
No rights to rebel|
No rights to speak in my native language
No rights to defend myself…self-defense

You manipulated my rights….while, I am telling the truth… I did not lie…
You manipulated me into FEAR, to lie THE LIE, for them in the presence of my parents.
I hate lies, I hate violence, I hate to be beaten and disgusted when someone obstructs me to speak out and speak up. 

The Roman Catholic School Punishment R.C.S.P.

Black boys 10 years old or younger
Write 100 times “I have to speak dutch at school”
Stayover at school, got whipped,wrote their punishment. 
A treat was given, a saucer with Beschuit met Muisjes, Rusk with Mice, the color blue and white,
And left together to the
upper darkroom.

Black girls with outstanding rapports deposited at the R.C. Housekeeping school.
All inclusive??????? 

Give me a chance and give me my space to breathe… give me my space to move in my moments.

Do not ever push me down. Don’t try to asphyxiate me, It is utter, utterly unbearable to experience these Fake mouths and eyes, behaviors and attitudes.

“I just happened to be born here”

My childhood and my interconnected friend, I will  defend, protect and stand up for both Glendas, at the deepest depth of my existing life. The most nano molecule particle of being.
Our DNA and RNA entwined like a playground scene, exchanging, transmitting and transforming into one.

I just happened to be born here.


DATA Travel Itinerary
Departure AUA
Arrival HOL
Departure HOL
Arrival AUA

Heil Funchi 1. Photography
Aruba, 2021

Heil Funchi 1. Photography
Aruba, 2021


DATA Travel Itinerary
Departure AUA
Arrival HOL
Departure HOL
Arrival AUA

Personal belongings
My Royal EU Dutch Passport
My professions 1. Microbiology analyst HBOA
2. Fashion Design HBO
3. Theater Design and Art Direction All Inclusive HBO
4. Detex Detail Trade
5. Teaching Artist
6. Professional Squatter
7. Experiences,Knowledge and Wisdom

Promises are vows
Promises never kept are False, Fake promises. They are all convenient lies on this island.

1.Ten years of my future has been robbed.No vacancies. No job.
2. Permits denied
3. Not qualified, non-existence.Foreigner first.
4. Invisible
5. Qualified. Pedagogic Certificate denied.
6. Mute
7. Code I am salted

I walk and still walk in my fathers shoes. His daughter feels ashamed.
Arthur Solomon Heyliger’s daughter carries this shame.

“I just happened to be born here. I live here”.

Betwixt Bacteriology, Art and Faecal Department.
In dah face.
My boss told me in an alternated voice.
I put you at the faecal department…
There is where YOU belong….No problem …..I LOVE it.
Analyzing the washed fecal material under the microscope
Day by day I added his face to my microscopic view. Enlarged 5X, 10X, 100X ,…..4000X
And came to the conclusion THIS IS ART.
Art reflects life and in life there is chance and chance you cannot and maybe you should not control. Chance is an outlet for a conscious mind.
Playfulness of childhood while adulthood destroys Men.

Provocations are the only means of arousing the establishment, the upper class to rage and through rage to a shamefaced self awareness.

In this Covid-19 pandemic era there is a global pandemic Health War going on.
The Guiness Book of Record lies, fake news, fake tests, games of morbidity and mortality rates which results in oxygen deprived muzzles, lockdowns, social distancing curfews etc., etc.

Global Monkey says, planet monkeys do. The Grand Pornographic Health Politics where global mistakes have been made right now.

Never to over vaccinate the public when there is a pandemic.Those who are vaccinated are the carriers of deadly mutated viruses that are globally going to infect and kill everyone.
The Bio Weapon has been baptized.

Here is where I as a NANOCRATIC Artist have the right to be very sharp eyed,and sharp tongued.

The main goal of the Artist is to pin and point out what, where the problems are, who is responsible for these criminal acts against our global citizens.

The irony here on this island Aruba.
San Nicolas the sunrise city, chocolate city, the ghetto, the forgotten city.
San Nicolas is the appendix,the attachment, THE ADDENDUM.
I was born, bred and live here……
I am 64 years old, still walking in the shoes and shadow of my father.
It is THE GREAT SHAME and in anticipation for THE GREAT RESET, may THE GREAT ALLAH, LORD of the Worlds, the Entire and Especially Merciful Guide protect us of these pornographic politics globally and where nothing has never been done for us in our district San Nicolas.

Every color of the Aruba political parties and their political attachments are responsible.
No rights of professional jobs
No rights of creative ideas and solutions for BUILD BACK BETTER CONCEPTS by the International Local multi-disciplinary Visual Artists from and living in San Nicolas.
We are kept in a darkhole, IN FEAR…..the COVID hole where there are cash flow benefits for the system. As for us we have the sharp feeling that we have no rights or anything.

With my title NANOCRATICS, I will be using nanotechnology concepts to get to the NANO molecules and particles of this forceful behaviour and attitude of the Aruba One Happy island Medical Health War.
They who are responsible locally and globally are WANTED…… DEAD OR ALIVE.

"Spuugzat Wine"

Spuugzat Wine.  Readymade
Aruba, 2021

Spuugzat Wine. Readymade
Aruba, 2021

"Spuugzat wine lable"

Spuugzat Wine Lable. Mixed media on paper
Aruba, 2021

It is the last part of a dutch saying meaning ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Spuug means spit or spittle; it has no place nor space in my creative vocabulary. SPIT. This has much more stamina and gives one the feeling of dealing with some kind of Thing which has a centrifugal, centripetal, aerodynamic, gravitical, omnipotent  energy and with force. It runs on time, with time and timing. Non-predictable. ZAT. Deals with the past tense of SIT…SEATED. I was once seated, I was sitting,I was seated. I sat.

IF, I was seated, sitting, or sat, means that there is an image of captured movements taking place. Mentally and physically. In other words….I am taking a stand, I don’t want to sit NO more. I have made a choice and have something to say. Mind, Body, Heart and Soul, which are my God Given Natural Gifts and RIGHTS are spiritually and universally in Rejection Mode. I am sick to DEATH of that same SOME kind of Thing. COVID-19. A forced choice between LIFE and DEATH. You reach a point of No Return where you, positively negatively or negatively positively, depending on one’s collective overview points, spit out the parts undigested of your intestine. To find the deeper irregularities that can and should awaken us.

When or before  mirror is full of nano dust particles…vaccines..1st and 2nd phase and cannot see the spitting image….the rules and policies….. of myself in my own mirror. I will spit on  that cloth…mouth mask….muzzle, belonging to that some kind of thing….COVID-19..…..control….. or spit direct, in spitting distance to wipe my own mirror clean…deadly and dangerously defending my own body. 

In these globally times I feel tortured…waterboarded…I am suffocated at the same time.There is  a spit, a long thin metal rod forcefully pushing through my flesh in order to hold and turn me…disrupting, while my entire body is being roasted over a global open fire. It is time to put that fire out or fire back. 

A world problem is a personal problem and a personal problem is a world problem. I take a stand globally and collectively.   SPUUGZAT.

"Spuugzat" Video Performance

Video HD color. Duration: 09:54
Aruba 2021

"Spuugzat" Photo Performance

Spuugzat. Photo Color. Aruba 2021

Spuugzat. Photo Color. Aruba 2021

Spuugzat. Photo Color, Aruba 2021

"SNOT" Video Performance

Video HD color. Duration: 10:11
Aruba 2021

The secret life of SNOT.
The protection against the entire outside world.
The nose is the dirtiest organ in the body that acts as a filter, Cleaning the air that we breathe.
It works like a Fly catcher roll that you hang from the ceiling, sticking and trapping.
Loaded with protective proteins that kill and disable germs, bacteria, environmental irritants, like pollen and dust and VIRUSES and keep them from traveling down to our lungs.
Removes them through coughing and sneezing.
Actually eaten destroyed by stomach acid.

BOOGERS. Dried up snot called boogers is mucus, a slimy substance that is mostly water, which our universal body makes. It  is gross, but very important junk in our noses and nasal passages that is very good for and important to OUR HEALTH.

WHAT’S IN IT. Group of proteins called Mucins. These are large proteins, covered in sugar that absorb water giving mucus its sticky gooey consistency.

THE OTHER REMAINING PROTEINS. Neutrophils, green color, IMMUNOLOGICAL SYSTEM / RAPID RESISTANT SYSTEM that deals with phagocytosis. An antiseptic chemical  spray to kill nearby germs. They also kill themselves once sprayed…our Martyrs. It contains iron within the cells.

The MARTYRS. The proteins of our body. My body is fighting back. My immune system is in high gear to fight infections. Gold yellow white blood cells rushing to kill the offender…the germ.

THE GERM. Wuhan Coronavirus’ COVID-19? Wearing a mask and getting jabbed both appear to be risk factors for early death.

THE OFFENDER. The invasion of World Wide Medical Pornographic Politics and Policies. 

THE FIGHTER. The Nanocratic Artist at War.


SNOT. Photo Color, Aruba 2021

About the artist Glenda Heyliger

1992 – 1996 Theatre Design & Art Direction, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam NL
1991 – 1992 Atelier’s ‘89, Oranjestad, Aruba
1984 Detex Eindhoven, Foundation Vakopleiding Textile Retail, Eindhoven NL
1983 – 1987 Fashion Design, Royal Academy of Art and Design ’s-Hertogenbosch NL
1976 – 1981 MedicalMicrobiology analist HBO-A, University Eindhoven, Eindhoven NL
1973 – 1976 HAVO, Colegio Arubano, Oranjestad, Aruba
1969 – 1973 MAVO, John Wesley College, San Nicolas, Aruba
2010 Stipendium Award, Fonds BKVB, Kultura Regeling Amsterdam NL
2008 Siman di Expresion, Talento y Creatividad: Reconocimento di Privilegio, Instituto di Cultura Aruba/UNESCO, Oranjestad, Aruba
2005 Siman di Expresion, Talento y Creatividad: Reconocimento di Privilegio, Instituto di Cultura Aruba/UNESCO, Oranjestad, Aruba
2004 Culture Award, Prince Bernhard Cultural Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, Oranjestad, Aruba
2000 Reed Foundation Award, New York, USA
2000 Vermont Studio Center (residence-artist/Reed Foundation Award Prize), New York, USA
1999 International Artists Workshop ‘bR’, Grand Riviere, Trinidad 1997 International Artists Workshop Soroa, Soroa, Cuba
1999 Ancla, Cas di Partido AVP, Aruba
1996 Backyard, MOIRA, Utrecht NL
1993 Nude Models, The Cinderella Schoenenbeurs, Amsterdam, NL

Curator: Nelson Gonzalez & Gerardo Zavarce
Production: Zurishaddai Tremus
Collaboration: Furhan Enrique Le Grand Gonzalez 

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