EL PRAN Projecten presents the upcoming virtual showroom 'Time is Running' by "Uncle Dre," André Le Grand

(ORANJESTAD – June 20, 2021) EL PRAN Projecten will open a  virtual exhibition featuring “Uncle Dre,” André Le Grand from Aruba.

His work is the hybrid of many completely isolated things. A series of pen drawings on recycled paper, some video performance, electronic instrumental music, and some half funky-rap songs. A nod to different media, but subtly threaded through the common theme of the text. The contemporary text proposed by Uncle Dre does not correspond to a discourse, nor a clear style as manifested in the other media explored by the artist, but the text as a means to communicate and lead the compilation of his intuitions, questions, and findings.

Andre Le Grand authenticates his creations through the alias Uncle Dre, who also has an alter ego called Mr. Blue. Mr. Blue is the artist who implements literary essays by constructing an expressive language of emotion. He is the one who appropriates the pen and a found piece of paper anthropologically. Documenting the physiognomies of beings with whom he cohabits in his mental corners.

Artist: Uncle Dre by André Le Grand  
Curator: Nelson Gonzalez – Gerardo Zavarce
Production: Zurishaddai Tremus

EL PRAN Project thanks Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied for their unconditional support and for making this Virtual Showroom possible.

Time is Running

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