Three Corner Table

Three Corner Table

The transdisciplinary artist and curator Nelson González is curently working on multiple projects. One of González’s latest projects, is Three Corner Table.


What is Three Corner Table?

Three Corner Table is not an artistic talk show, nor is it a podcast that generates videos.


Three Corner Table is about generating artistic documents. Understanding these artistic documents as interrelationships between artists and people in other visible professions in our society, people with whom we interact daily.


It is called Three Corner Table because its structure is made up of a mediator, an artist, and another professional from the community, forming a triangular dialogue.

The main objective thereof is to normalize the different disciplines of art the same way that we normalize the different social relations in our society; referring to the trades and professions.


Through this, art is normalized via dialogues and encounters between artists and the general public.


For more information on Three Corner Table, click here .

Three Corner Table

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